Chiropractic Testimonials

"I've always been curious about chiropractic healing. I had the good timing to be helping out at an office when Dr. Raechel gave a lunch and learn seminar. Her whole body approach pushed me towards seeking an appointment to be assessed of my needs. I'm in a profession that can be very difficult with posture and comfort. Years ago, I had also been in accident with a back injury. I was pleased to find the consultation so thorough. Dr. Brett presented a plan which was intense to begin with, but has worked well into my schedule. I feel very welcome in their practice and appreciate their whole family participation. I have brought in my fourteen year old son who I've taken to the doctor because of bad headaches. He does not have migraines, so the doctor told us that some people just get a lot of headaches. He has gone from six to eight severe headaches to maybe once a month and not as severe. In fact I had to ask him if he had any because he wasn't asking for ibuprofen. I have also started taking a vitamin regimen and feel they are truly helping me control some of my previous symptoms. I would recommend to anyone to be assessed just to see if they'd feel better. Their practice is friendly and convenient and I always feel very welcome and am happy I was in the right place at the right time! Thanks to both of you for all you've done."


"I came to Core Chiropractic because I had pneumonia 4 times in a year and a half. After I came to Core Chiropractic I haven't had pneumonia. So kids with pneumonia should come to Core Chiropractic to get better. If you are scared that it will hurt when you get adjusted it doesn't. The doctors are very friendly too!"

-Brooke, Age 7

"Drs. Brett & Raechel couldn't have come into our lives at a better time. My husband & I had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year when I started going to Core Chiropractic. We had been trying things medically & weren't having any luck as of yet. After my first month with Core, my husband & I found out we were expecting our first baby! There is no doubt in my mind that getting adjusted & realigned had something to do with our getting pregnant. We owe so much to these two wonderful people! Throughout my pregnancy I continued to get adjusted & focus on my well-being by going to Core. As I continued to grow in size, I always looked forward to my weekly appointment. I always felt such relief after walking out of their doors. They truly focus on the individual patient & become in tune with what each person needs. Drs. Brett & Raechel were always available for my scheduling needs as well as my individual payment plan. I highly recommend these two Doctors to anyone who is in search of chiropractic care or health wellness. They go above & beyond for their patients! Luke & I are truly grateful to these two individuals! Thank you, Dr. Brett & Dr. Raechel!"


"I came to Core Chiropractic because I had lots of bad headaches but now I have a lot less headaches and sleep a lot more so it helps a lot and the good thing is it doesn't hurt to get adjusted so it is very safe for all you kids."

-Jake, Age 9 1/2

"My only regret about chiropractic is not discovering it sooner! Several years ago, I broke my neck and have had back pain, debilitating at times, ever since. I was prescribed muscles relaxers and pain pills as a "band-aid." They harmed my body and overall health-never addressing the problem or trying to fix it. I thought I was destined to just live in pain. However, since beginning at Core Chiropractic, I have had pain free days, I walk taller and have more energy-it's working! An unexpected benefit is that my immune system has increased 10 fold. I can't explain how it works (though Dr. Raechel will explain fully!). I just know it works! Drs. Raechel & Brett also care about their patients, it's apparent, and believe in an overall approach to wellness. They have influenced me to eat healthier and take better care of myself. I was hesitant at first due to financial constraints, but Core Chiropractic offers several plans and hands down there is no price you can put on health! I am medication free and feeling great!!!"


"Well Adjusted to Say the Least I don't believe in reactive forms of medicine. I try to let my body heal itself naturally. I hadn't been to a doctor in ages because I was always terrified they'd prescribe me all different kinds of antibiotics and painkillers, charge me $500 and by the way, don't call them in the morning. I started seeing Dr. Brett and Dr. Raechel because I wanted to take a proactive role in my wellness and address things like stress, neck/back tension, and infertility. I can tell you, since receiving weekly adjustments, the tension in my neck/back has gone away, I'm sleeping better, and I have a better overall sense of calm at all times. It's really hard to put a price on wellness, but I feel like a million bucks. Now, I have never been to a different chiropractor, but after speaking to my friends, they are always envious of the personal attention I receive. I have never compared stories and thought I should reconsider my decision. The scheduling is flexible, they are always willing to work with me financially, and the best part is, I don't feel like a patient, I feel like a close friend or family member. I couldn't imagine my life without Core Chiropractic, and I definitely wouldn't want to imagine health without them either."



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